NC SAVE$ ENERGY is an initiative by a growing number of organizations to create a statewide, independent (non-utility) energy efficiency program. It will keep savings on energy bills in the hands of residential customers, while serving those who can least afford rising energy costs.                                                         NC SAVE$ ENERGY would create a publicly-managed, independent fund to pay for energy efficiency projects for homes, local government buildings, hospitals, and schools. This program will create good North Carolina jobs, save people money, protect the environment, and ensure healthy, safe homes and buildings across the state.                                                                                        NC SAVE$ ENERGY is based on the experiences of six other states’ cost-effective independent energy efficiency programs.

Endorse us

If you are interested in endorsing the concept of NC SAVE$ ENERGY, please contact us to let us know you agree with the below statement!

We, the undersigned organization/business, are pleased to endorse the NC SAVE$ ENERGY program in order to bring about genuine and substantial energy efficiency in North Carolina.

We believe that such an independently administered (non-utility) program, as has proven successful in other states, represents the best way to conserve energy, stimulate new job growth, save money on energy bills and reduce greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions across North Carolina.

Therefore, as articulated by the Alliance for NC SAVE$ ENERGY, we agree that criteria for efficiency program selection should include considerations of:

  • impact on electricity usage and demand
  • benefits to low- and moderate-income households
  • household comfort levels, improved health and protection against weather extremes for vulnerable populations
  • cost effectiveness
  • reducing utility bills
  • creating new “green jobs” in new energy sectors for working families
  • transparent and credible measurement and verification procedures
  • geographic distribution

We agree as Endorsers, to promote NC SAVE$ ENERGY in order to help gain approval by the NC Utilities Commission and, if necessary, the NC General Assembly.